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FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
here next. ♪ ♪ lou: newly released images show a former fbi agent who is kidnapped released six years ceo. these images released today led the man's family show robert levenson posing in an orange jumpsuit. his wife released the 2-year-old photographs saying, she did so because she believes the government is letting them off the yoke. repeatedly denied any knowledge whatsoever of his whereabouts. u.s. officials say the government is responsible for the images and video produced in the late 2011. the muslim brotherhood, and other radical islamist of shoes are hiding in plain sight right here in the united states. documented it all. the grand deception. >> the muslim brotherhood is an international movement. the goal of which is to create an islamic state universally all over the world. in my mind and is the mother of all islamic organizations, including al qaeda. [inaudible conversations] >> they believe that western civilization is corrupt, evil, decadent, and they want the dismantling. lou: joining us now is a documentary producer, award winning journalist, also a director of t
FOX Business
Jan 6, 2013 9:00pm EST
over the world. they turned to the fbi to try and track these people dow, but the fbi has no idea who these people rk, no idea what the technology was. john: it can't work. >> that would be the traditional theory. in reality paypall realized they should take matters into their own hands. they developed a private from detection system where they would use computers t say this ght be fraudulent and then send it to a human to investigate. john: another one. >> if they did not send you a $5 a pack. >> at what cost to 500,00. john: people will she. >> that is the theory, but private parties look to problems and solve them. ebay and other groups developed private reputation mechanisms. the more the these mechanisms work the last 20 government. john: one thing that keeps me out is that they created all this wealth and good stuff to when they weren't connected to government. today they're big in government wants a piece. 114 lobbyists, course of 73. they spend millions and trying to manipulate washington. >> good things are terrible to the private sector. when government gets involved it is r
FOX Business
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm EST
to do that. lou: what can they do in terms of the fbi and background checks? >> as was pointed out, he can make it more difficult in terms of time. there can be more constraints. there can be more administrative jumping that goes on in terms of people achieving what they need. can the president banned firearms in this country? now. the united states supreme court says that second amendment stands under the mcdonald case. but yes, i do anticipate that there will be actions. maybe there are actions with regard to the number of rounds and micro- stamping in terms of federal action. maybe there are federal regulations. lou: i think it sets off a firestorm of opposition. this is being provocative is someone who treasures the second amendment. so why should that be put about by the congress and the united states when they have a way to intercede? >> he can pass legislation on any particular issue. they can also have lawsuits as a result of any president of the united states. executive orders are not acts of law. lou: narrowly interpreted. we are going to the heart of the country. >> yes,
FOX Business
Jan 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
wrong. you are abiding by a lot to get the permit. what the fbi know if you havea gun, the atf to know. gerri: there is information i share with the government. i file a tax for every year, every financial detail of my life is in washington d.c. that dosn't mean they should be able to share that. >> that's privacy. that's not released. again,ou have to show what the harm is to somebody knowing i have a gun when th whole point of having a gun is to publicize the fact, stay away from the. >> i don't know that that's necessarily the point. >> you going to ambush somebody. no. >> that does not mean that every blic document is open and can be turned out to the public. there are exceptions,and i think in this case they made a wrong decision. gerri: another argument being made. and that's this. the newspapers, you ow what, they're trying to sell a few newspapers out there. th is publicity. they're getting a lot of attention. and sort of taking advantage. what you say? >> that's what newspapers do. they sell papers. is that illegal? now. is that an illegal use of open public recos. gerri: does
FOX Business
Jan 7, 2013 9:20am EST
know, the fbi data. it's a trend going on for a long time. we saw gun stocks go through the roof. a lot of americans not believing the president on this at all. never believed him. people, gun enthusiast, or those who believe the parts of the constitution the left wants to remove. >> the gun salessing and number of people showing up at gun sales, americans obviously feel their rights are threatened as we stand today. that's why we see them buy guns, registering for guns, applying for guns because they feel rights could be taken from them. however, you know, this is the time to look at the statistics in the country showing that the states with the highest gun regulations have the highest amount of crime. you have to look at analyze statistics and find out what we have to do. what's at the core of the problem? charles: low hanging fruit politically depending on what deal they come up with. back to nicole. as a matter of fact, had seven early moves, but how's the stock now? >> check it out. what a day when you talk about obesity drug drugs, this is one that's hot, growing, and the stock up
FOX Business
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm EST
budget of the fbi, the d a, secret service, bureau of alcohol and tobacco, really? is this good money spent? gerri willis is here. ashley: i have a feeling. gerri: not what you expect from the president. he seems to be for immigration reform but he is coming down a hard. the number of people removed from this country nearly doubled from 188,000 in 2000 to 409,000 in 2012. the only number that is down is border apprehensions at a four year low and we are doing a lot of that with groans now. ashley: interesting, and did thousand, how many of those come back? >> great point. i feel strongly about this but have to turn to my cohort who actually is not from this country. ashley: i'm a u.s. citizen now. it was very hard to get in. you had to go through a lot of hoops and interviews. when you go through that and come to this country people come in illegally, a is a slap in the face for those who went through legal channels. i understand the need to come to this country, no doubt about it but so many are doing it illegally. there had to be something, the very word illegal means it is not righ
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)